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How is a KarlsonHus built?


Have you ever considered what happens when you purchase a prefabricated KarlsonHus? You can see here pictures from the assembly of the Humlebacken house. All details arrive on site in 2 lorries and assembled with the help of a crane and skilled carpenters, who know what they are doing. Seeing a house taking shape in this way is an experience out of the ordinary. Suddenly all ideas and dreams become reality. See the movie.
The first EKOMER house in Netherlands


Our first Stora Lusthus EKOMER in Netherlands, is now ready to move into. The house is a variation of the house type Torsjö, and will be used both as a residence and show house. You will be able to meet our representatives from WarmHus. They will tell you all about - the KarlsonHus housing assortment, - our energy and climate package EKOMER.

Open House will take place on 10 October. Take the opportunity to experience an authentic KarlsonHus, feel the wood and enjoy all the fine detailing. The house is located in Emmeloord, in the Noordoostpolder region. Get in touch with our representatives for further information.

Forest Industry’s Oscar goes to Kennet Karlsson


Kennet Karlsson, Managing Director of KarlsonHus, has won a Forest Industry Award, in the category, Development Effort of the Year. The prize is awarded for new thinking and innovation within the Forest industry. The citation reads:

“Kennet Karlsson, Managing Director of the Swedish Timber Frame Manufacturer, KarlsonHus, has developed the EKOMER house, which is insulated with re cycled glass, instead of fossilized cellular plastic. This material protects from dampness and cold, entailing that the foundation concrete slab is dense and warm. The porous glass is extremely light and easy to work with. Kennet represents new thinking and development within the timber industry, and has an open mindedness for new technology, material and material combinations”

It will soon be 10 years since Kennet Karlsson started working with the EKOMER house. There weren’t many who had climate change on their agenda in those early days, nor seriously took their responsibility for the ecological footprint of the future. To day the environment is very much an issue, but we are not yet satisfied and continue to develop further our EKOMER Houses. That ‘s why KarlsonHus are the first supplier with the EKOMER package containing solar panels as standard. Read more about EKOMER here.

See the difference you can make


Earth Hour 2009 is set to switch off the globe. Already 538 cities in 75 countries which is double the number of countries that participated in 2008, are committed. With hundreds more cities expected to sign up to switch off in the coming months, Earth Hour 2009 is setting the platform for an unprecedented global mandate for action on climate change. Even KarlsonHus is committed. Join us for Earth Hour 2009, turn off your lights at 8.30pm Saturday 28 March and read more about it here.



Greenhus now an EASCA member


Our partner in Ireland, Greenhus, has become a member of the Environmental and Sustainable Construction Association. EASCA was founded  to promote the viability of sustainable construction in Ireland. EASCA company members have been assessed by independent assessors on the impact of their products or services.  Areas assessed include Energy, Materials, Waste and Water, Environment and Quality Control.
Read more about EASCA here.


KarlsonHus at the SelfBuild Exhibition in Cork


Our partner in Ireland, Greenhus Ltd presented KarlsonHus at the SelfBuild Exhibition in Cork. With the price of home heating oil doubling within a year and utility bills rising by double digit percentages, low energy houses are now very much part of a more carefull approach to building. KarlsonHus EKOMER offers a wide range of energy saving and the possibility to use renewable energy sources. That´s why a lot of visitors were seriously interested in our concept. Learn more about the EKOMER concept here.



Setting up a house in 2,5 minutes
See the assembly of Annie in one and a half minute
Vienna’s most beautiful show house